Project Info

Name:     Serge Bouchard
Phone:     925-415-0842
Company:     SBIW, Inc.
Address:     7936 Lakemont Pl
City, State, Zip:     SAN RAMON
Project Name:     Serge Bouchard
Expertise:     Requires Multiple Disciplines
Description:     Build a controller to manage all the functions of a greenhouse process which involves monitoring and automation of pumps, pressures, differential pressures, flow switches, levels, gas and fertilizer dosing, etc. This will require to develop a database to record process data and to develop web pages to manage the process. Currently, the idea is based the controls on Arduino. Process controls require “if then” and PID loops.
We have the knowledge of the process. We need someone to implement the controls.

2nd phase is to integrate the building functions that use Zwave devices via a Smartthings hub into the process web pages in order to manage and monitor the building functions from a single interface

Other Info:     Start date Week of Feb. 13th
Installation and testing of the prototype for the process controls is mid march
Testing of process controls will be done in Stockton.
Development and fabrication of controller will be done remotely.
Phase 2 has to be done in parallel or immediately after phase
Date:     February 10, 2017