Project Info

Name:     Robert Stone
Phone:     408-382-9600
Company:     Stone Systems
Address:     2326 Kruse Drive
City, State, Zip:     San Jose
Project Name:     Motion Camera Base
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     This small project needs the following:
Electrical Engineering - PCB design - Python / C Codding.
I have a simple motorized base with up to 7 PIR Sensors
with a mounted Security /Web camera mounted on top
the rotating base. When one of the PIR sensors is triggered
the top with camera rotates to the activated position.

I'm currently using a Raspberry PI Ver. 3.0 and trying to
program it in Python for now.

I'm looking for someone like yourself to help me create
a custom board for this device and be able to update the
software via a USB drive.

Current Specs needed.

Single board self-contained computer PCB with embedded instructions.

2 USB connection
7 onboard Digital input connectors (For PIR Sensors)
2 onboard Digital output connectors (Stepper motor controllers)
Board must have a built in stepper motor controller. (Raspberry Pi does not and motor shacks a little bit).
Voltage input: 12V DC 2.0A ?

Short You-Tube Video

Motion Camera Base is Patent Pending.

Other Info:     Start Date: Now.

Would like to work with someone local to San Jose but not a deal breaker.

Would like to work with 1 person who know all aspects of the project.

Would like to work with someone who has working knowledge of the security industry.

For future bases I will need experience in video MIL Spec Tracking, specific programmed recognition, on the fly Video frame-by-frame comparing. Etc.

Date:     February 6, 2017