Project Info

Name:     Kingston Steele
Phone:     541-908-4220
Company:     Steele Inc
City, State, Zip:     Corvallis, OR 97333
Project Name:     Automated Table Fence
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my project. So what we are doing is this: I have a small industrial design firm in Oregon and right now we have a project that needs some electrical engineering work. The product is an automated table saw fence. Instead of manually moving the fence to a desired distance, the user instead types in a length and the fence moves via a stepper motor connected to a rack and pinion drive. There will be a touch display, EOT sensors, some kind of proximity/capacitive touch sensors, and that's about it. We do have a working prototype that was made in the 90s but documentation has been lost by the client and the product is in need of a redesign anyway.

What you would design would be everything electrical. Schematics, software/firmware, and board design eventually.
I'd provide direction and oversee the project ensuring that everything is to my client's specification.
Other Info:     Start date would be immediately. You'd have about two to three months to complete the job. I'd love to find someone local to somewhere in the Willamette valley in Oregon but that might be a tall order.
Date:     January 18, 2017