Project Info

Name:     Carl Angotti
Phone:     408-462-2189
Company:     Angotti Product Development
Project Name:     None
Expertise:     Don't Know/Not Sure
Description:     Hi All,

I have a Medical Device client located in Hayward near 880 and 92. He has a need for a

couple of consultants. Does anyone in our group fit the criteria shown below for one of


If so, please feel free to contact me at 408-462-2189, and we can discuss the need. He is a

good client, so I want to be sure you can meet the need. I can also give you more

particulars as well.

Carl Angotti
Angotti Product Development

PADS support – 3 mos,

o Must know PADS VX ver 1.1

o library maintenance -- 50% of Job

o They have an in House Tech Expert, but he needs help.

o Consultant might do one in-house board layout

o They are in the middle of doc control system update, only 1 person at the company is

good at it, and he is overloaded.

o Work on-site in Hayward for 3 months

Guidance for AC power distribution wiring

o Would be a Traditional Consultant to give Sporadic input

o 480 3- phase from utility to System Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with isolation

- 440/3 Phase +220/1 distributed throughout a Medical Device Machine 25 feet away
- 220 goes everywhere, gauge selection, medical leakage standards. System, not a Class

2 device. No patient leakage.
- Meet UL 60601-2-1

o Professional engineer license (current one not necessary)

o Should have Familiarity with NEC, IEC 60364, IEC 60947-4 series Hire somebody full


Other Info:     Not Sure
Date:     November 18, 2016