Project Info

Name:     Jeff Sloan
Phone:     4086799500
Company:     Hybrid Automotive
Address:     New Jersey Ave
City, State, Zip:     San Jose, CA 95124
Project Name:     Custom DC power supply
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     Seeking EE with DC power supply design expertise. Established company seeking to migrate away from off the shelf hardware to a custom design for the specific purpose of production cost savings. Project scope is to design a PCBA from start to finish that meets the following requirements:
Input: Universal AC input (Ideally 88 ~ 264VAC)
Output #1: 0-360VDC 350mA Constant Current over full voltage range. Nominal output 360VDC (can be more, but not less than 360V)
Output #2: 12-14VDC 4-5A
Production cost goal: $20USD per unit or less @ 1,000 units with offshore production
Must be able to be CE certified. These are used in consumer products and must be a very safe, robust design.
Other Info:     Seeking feasibility scoping assistance immediately. If production cost goals can be met, then ready to proceed with development immediately. Must be able to meet and discuss in person (south San Jose) and/or via phone during evenings and weekends.
Date:     July 8, 2016