Project Info

Name:     John Edwards
Phone:     6506608195
Project Name:     Understanding the Electronic Components of a Hands-free Dispenser
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     Project Description:
I would like to request the consulting services of someone who understands the electronic components of a hands-free soap/ sanitizer dispenser. I am looking to build a similar device of my own, but would like to better understand the components involved and what they do. Particularly, I would like to better understand the circuit board and what the various connections mean (i.e. battery supply, sensors, wiring etc). Further, I would appreciate someone who could advise on making the electronics/ design more efficient or offer alternatives to the components.

Required Skills:
Electronic Engineering background
Preferred: Design background
Other Info:     Project Location: Palo Alto, CA
Project Start Date: As soon as possible
Length of contract: A afternoon would be ample time
Date:     April 9, 2016