Project Info

Name:     Arpad D. Vincze
Phone:     650 949-1327
Company:     Analytic Communications (AnCom)
City, State, Zip:     Los Altos, CA 94024
Project Name:     Technical manuscript proofreading
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     A manuscript (to be published) should be proofread, and corrected for any errors. The book's current title is "Problems and Solutions in a. Signal Processing, b. Cumulative Mismatches in Composite Transmission Lines and c. System Noise due to Multiple Noise Sources. This book will come with a software disk containing program ARCS (Array Management and Computing System for Electrical Engineers).
Required skills: 1. A thorough knowledge of Signal Processing on an entry or higher level (including all applicable Fourier processes). 2. Knowledge and understanding of microwave transmission lines and additive noise in a communication system. 3. Willing and enjoy to work with the innovative software ARCS in a PC MS-Windows environment. 4. Good ability to keep notes on problems, errors in computation, recommendations, etc. For this work a professional with at least an MSEE degree is desirable.
Software and manual will be provided for the length of the work. Help will be provided in working with the software until proficiency is achieved.
Other Info:     1. The contract may start within the next 2 weeks after the Consultant is selected.
2. Travel is not planned except periodical travel to a meeting place (office) to
discuss results and future plans.
3. American Citizens are preferred, who are proficient in English technical
4. The manuscript contains about 80 problems, exercises that must be checked
and corrected if necessary.
5. Payment and terms of payment is upon agreement.
6. This project may last for 4-8 weeks (or there may be a follow-up later).

Please submit a resume indicating your expertise to help define eligibility for this work.
Name:     passed
Date:     December 5, 2015