Project Info

Name:     Luke Hooper
Phone:     5043240078
Company:     FACTOR 10
Address:     725 MAGAZINE ST STE C
City, State, Zip:     NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130
Project Name:     Seeking EE Consultant with experience in Wireless Power System Design
Expertise:     Electrical Engineering
Description:     We have a resonant induction based system that transmits power over distances of up to 4" for utilization by simple RCL receivers. The project has been done by myself (M.S Mech Eng) and another PhD mech eng. Our initial system modeling was very limited and our current designs were reached largely through trial and error. However, we have reached a point where we need someone with more specialized knowledge to step in.

Our ideal project flow would be to come up with a better solution than we have to meet the immediate need in prototype form then work on hitting the following general specs.

1) Minimize cost with component and parameter selection for production
2) Maximize performance of field range & power transferred
3) Ensure safety and durability accounting for heat & wireless standards.
Other Info:     We have an immediate need on stage 1 within 3 weeks ideally for prototyping purposes but the project refinement and manufacturing optimization has more flexibility on timing.
Name:     passed
Date:     June 19, 2015