Project Info

Name:     Paul Finkel
Phone:     650 208 5976
Company:     Paul Finkel Consulting
Address:     1848 Anamor St.
City, State, Zip:     Redwood CIty
Project Name:     WatchThis
Expertise:     Computer Science
Description:     Program Raspberry Pi to be a USB host and pass 50Mbps from one USB device to another. Also provide a menu (display on LCD) that enables the user to select a file from one device to download to the other and to send AT modem commands to the receiving device. A small LCD display will be needed to scroll through file names and and AT commands.
Other Info:     START DATE: June 15
FINISH DATE: August 15
TRAVEL: NONE. Prefer contractor in SF Bay Area.
REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to demonstrate history of successful work on USB, Raspberry Pi.

Thank you.
Name:     passed
Date:     May 28, 2015