Project Info

Name:     Rose Latka
Phone:     1.303.449.1915
Company:     Sensity Systems
Address:     480 Oakmead Parkway
City, State, Zip:     Sunnyvale, CA, 94085
Project Name:     Big Cloud Data Project
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     We are looking for an experienced and passionate consultant who will help us build our revolutionary Light Sensory Network (LSN).

Skills and Experience
• Possess 4+ years’ experience in server software development
• Competent in Scala preferred, or competent in Clojure or Erlang and open to learning Scala
• Capable in Akka or other actor frameworks
• Knowledge and experience in Apache Spark
• Knowledge in Graph Database (highly preferred) or at least a NoSQL database. Experienced with distributed server-side software.
• Good exposure in implementing algorithms.
• Knowledge and exposure in Machine learning is a big plus
• Familiar with deploying software on cloud infrastructure like EC2.
• Comfortable in Agile development processes and tools.
• Effective in working with a team and communicating well

• BS in computer science or equivalent experience.

Job Responsibilities:
• Design, develop, debug and maintain a scalable server framework for our cloud infrastructure.
• Work within the current Scala and Akka environment to construct the framework.
• Design and develop distributed, fault-tolerant server-side components.
• Implement high volume data collections, aggregation and analysis frameworks.
• Work with our passionate and intelligent team of front-end developers and other backend software engineers.
• Use good software development practices, such as source control, unit testing, and defect tracking.
• Craft publically accessible REST APIs.
Other Info:     Start Date: As soon as possible.

Length of Contract: 6-12 months.

Located in Sunnyvale, CA, Sensity Sytems is one of the leading IoT companies emerging out of Silicon Valley. Led by veteran CEO Hugh Martin, our amazing team of engineers have developed a hardware-software solution that allows us to capitalize on the conversion of approximately 4 billion high density light bulbs currently in the public sector to LED lights. It is speculated in the next 5-10 years that most businesses and municipalities will make the switch to LED lights to save on energy costs. Sensity is taking this conversion one step further and is offering a sensory node (weather, HD camera, motion) to be fitted or retrofitted to LED light modules creating a high-speed, sensor-based, multi-service, open network platform that transmits data at near real-time speed over a wireless network. This is the Light Sensory Network (LSN) and is what you will be a part of building.

Cisco CEO John Chambers estimated the IoT industry will grow to be a 14 trillion dollar industry by 2025. This is an exceptional and unique opportunity to work with the leading IoT start-up before the industry really takes off.
Name:     passed
Date:     May 5, 2015