Project Info

Name:     Catherine
Phone:     612-977-5186
Company:     Embodied Ecologies
City, State, Zip:     Berkeley, CA
Project Name:     Joomla designer needed
Expertise:     Web Design & Development
Description:     (Please respond by email.)

Looking for a savvy Joomla designer to help create website for project related to place, ecology, embodiment, neuroscience, and biocultural diversity.

Part of the goal for site is to use visual design as a way to connect currently fragmented concepts and fields into an overarching framework. Would also like the design to have a fresh / alive / ecology + embodiment + culture feel. (See for a very basic first attempt.)

Will be helpful if you are:
a) a bit of a renaissance interdisciplinarian
b) open to being somewhat of a web design educator as well as a designer (I have a hungry mind)
c) able to help me think through what the site needs prior to the actual design phase (or if you work with someone who is really good at this, feel free to reply as a tag-team)

To reply, please email and include:
- links to your work currently online
- your rates (in general)
- a link to the coolest website you've seen in the past month (to let me know you actually read this and gave it some thought)

Many thanks!
Other Info:     Start: mid-June (after some initial discussion)
End: July-Aug-Sept?
Name:     passed
Date:     May 2, 2015