Project Info

Name:     Erin Johnson
Phone:     408-245-3915
Company:     Oxford
City, State, Zip:     Sunnyvale, CA
Project Name:     Embedded developer
Expertise:     Software / Firmware
Description:     Client is working on a proof of concept Software Defined Networking platform for management of home networking equipment


- Maintain & extend an ARM-based CPE platform running Linux OS and/or OpenWrt/Open vSwitch.

- The developer will extend & enhance OVS operation in existing code & integrate additional networking functions.

- The developer will be expected to assume responsibility for Kanban cards & move them through the lifecycle as work progresses.

- Most development will be done in Java with the possibility of Python/Shell scripting, even some C
Other Info:     Skills: MUSTS

Embedded Linux (Ubuntu/OpenWRT)
Java (development environment including Maven/Jenkins)
Python/Shell scripting
Networking principles & Linux network stack
Open vSwitch (OVS)
Agile exp (they use LeanKit)
Exp. with Git and GitHub


Kernel Build exp
C programming
Name:     passed
Date:     April 1, 2015