Project Info

Name:     Jan Null
Phone:     408-379-7500
Address:     PO Box 3071
City, State, Zip:     Saratoga
Project Name:     Heatstroke Deaths of Children In Vehicles
Expertise:     Web Design & Development
Description:     I am a meteorologist and lecturer at San Jose State University and one of my major research areas is the dynamics of how hot vehicles can get and the tracking of hyperthermia deaths of children in vehicles. This research was published in Pediatrics ( ) and is kept up-to-date online at This site is literally the "go to" site in the world on this topic.

To date it has been my own homebrew with basic html and no funding. I have recently received a small grant and want to bring the site into the 21st century.

That being said, I don't want the medium to outplay the message.

One of the other overriding requirements is that I can easily update the site with new data, which sadly can be almost on a daily basis.

I would also like a developer who wants to add a "passion project" to their portfolio, knowing that visibility and awareness about this issue will save lives.
Date:     February 27, 2015