Project Info

Name:     Jeff Sloan
Phone:     408-679-9500
Company:     Hybrid Automtoive
Address:     14528 New Jersey Ave
City, State, Zip:     San Jose
Project Name:     New custom product enclosure
Expertise:     Industrial Design
Description:     Hybrid Automotive builds a product that extends the life of consumer hybrid vehicles high voltage hybrid battery packs. This saves the vehicle owner money while helping the environment by deferring battery replacement and reducing toxic heavy metal waste.

We are seeking Industrial Design help to redesign our primary product. We are currently using an off the shelf metal enclosure borrowed from the PC industry. Our competition is using this exact same enclosure/look. Our products are still a very niche market and not yet known to the mainstream hybrid owner. We are in the first phases of a complete product & company re-branding in preparation for taking our products to the mainstream market. We want a new consumer friendly design (that we can patent) to differentiates us from the competition and better reflects the vision and mission statement of our company.

We are seeking someone who can quickly provide concept designs to share with ownership (me), marketing, and the patent & trademark lawyers. The design MUST BE ORIGINAL, obtaining a design patent is a key goal for this project. Hybrid Automotive must have exclusive ownership of the IP as part of the project.
Other Info:     Project start date: immediate. We have already retained a marketing and legal firm and have the entire project on hold while we consider redesign the product to obtain a design patent.

Length of contract: Multi-phase, we have several products and needs. Phase 1 is concept design and approval by marketing & legal. Must be something that a patent can be obtained for. Phase two is working with Plastics CMs to optimize design for mass production.

Travel: None. We are located in San Jose, CA. Local or remote is fine with us.

Payment: 1099 Contractor only
Date:     February 17, 2015