Project Info

Name:     Ed Schultheis, P.E.
Phone:     650-400-2498
Company:     Schultek Engineering & Technology, Inc.
Address:     2170 Allen Drive
City, State, Zip:     Auburn
Project Name:     FEA - Encapsulated Pipeline Repair Clamp
Expertise:     Mechanical Engineering
Description:     Provide finite element stress analysis (FEA) on "encapsulated pipeline repair clamp" project:

I will provide the design in 3D solid model format (from Creo/ProE software). You provide the mechanical FEA stress analysis, using my given parameters.

General project description:
_ The FEA analysis is not too complex.
_ The project is the design of a single pipeline repair coupling. In terms of physical size, the coupling is large. It will be 3000-5000 kg, about 10 feet long, and approximately 3 feet diameter plus flanges for many bolts to fasten it together. The repair coupling will be installed over a current leak in an 18" (inch) diameter gas pipeline. The coupling (once manufactured) will be tested for a pipeline pressure of approximately 2800 PSI before shipping. The pipe is currently installed at a depth of about 200 feet under ocean water. This will be a clam-shell-style of clamp that can be installed over the leaking pipeline coupling without having to disassemble the pipeline.
Other Info:     Start - in approximately 2-3 weeks;
Work provided over approximate 3-4 week period. Perhaps this will turn into additional projects from this potential (Southern CA) client.

I would like to discuss this project with you. I am finalizing a proposal for this client. This is an urgent project for this client. They agreed (with their customer in Malaysia) to ship a repair clamp to them in about 15 weeks (from today).
Date:     January 19, 2015