PATCA Members Meetings

Meeting Topic: Share Knowledge and Insights Together
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Note: PATCA Members Meetings @ Every 2 weeks from 11am to 12:15pm (PDT)
Some topics from our past meetings include:
  • How effective are our Members Meetings?
  • Collaboration among PATCA members for projects, passing contacts, etc.
  • Branding PATCA as Subject Matter Experts (SME), through relevancy, exposing to various market spaces.
  • How to locate projects without going through a recruiter.
  • How to get legal help (per payment, IP protection, etc.) when engaged with an investor for an innovative project?
  • I have ideas of projects, I just need to find the funding that will make it a reality 🙂
  • Nonprofit organizational settings and legal proceedings:
  • What entails being a PATCA member?
  • What does “New Administration” (changes in DC) mean to consultants/business sectors?
  • What is the value of feedback from others to whom you pitch?
  • How to network & plan to quickly gather a team of consultants for a given project?
  • What (marketing activities) worked last year, and what you are planning to do this year?
  • What does “New Administration” (changes in DC) mean to consultants?
  • What are consultants doing during the current COVID-19 & market downtime?
  • Marketing Online; Are you online ready? Yes
  • PATCA’s Consultants Body Of Knowledge (CBOK)