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Jerry Rice

FABNexus, Inc.

660 Arboleda Drive
Los Altos CA, 94024
Work Phone: 650-207-8235
Fax: 650-276-7456
Senior Certified Professional Consultant

Systems level professional skilled in software engineering, software patent litigation support, research, training, team development, problem solving, planning, and successful execution of product development and support activities.

Technology Skills Overview

C/C++ development for Raspberry Pi and various other ARM platforms.

Realtime software control: Linux Xenomai, Windows TenAsys InTime, VxWorks

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and other medical instrument software development.

C++ and c# software development for optical network device engineering and manufacturing support. Programmed control applications that utilize an Agilent 86100 DCA optical and RF oscilloscope, Yokogawa Optical Spectrum Analyzer, and Yokogawa mainframe test rack with power meter, attenuators, and optical switches.

Forensic analysis of software architecture and code structure in a patent litigation support role. Related expert consulting activities include participation in the 2012 IEEE Region 6 Metro Workshop for Patent and Expert Witness matters.

In-depth knowledge of Intel PC and microcontroller hardware platforms, including the more commonly used bus inter-connect technologies (PCIx, USB, SPI, CAN, MODBUS, I2C, IDE, SATA, SCSI, PC-104, etc.). Recent low-level development using the Silicon Labs CP2112 USB-to-I2C device controller and Silicon Labs 5040 BERT chip.

C/C++/C# expert, with two years JAVA SE development. Some expertise with Perl, Python, VB,
assembler and Linux shell scripting languages.

Windows desktop and Windows Embedded applications and systems development. Visual Studio 2013, VS 2012, VS 2010, VS 2008, and VS 2005 IDEs. Very skilled with both unmanaged and managed (.Net) application development, including GUI and non-GUI applications, DLLs, and assemblies.

Debian and Redhat Linux application and systems development, including development and modifications to a number of custom kernel modules. Competent with the Gnu tool-chain, as well as Eclipse. Retrofitted an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installation with a non-standard kernel. Have dabbled in Android development (using JAVA).

Expertise with various commercial RTOS systems, including VxWorks, Tenasys INTime, QNX, etc..

Data networking development, including extensive Windows and Berkeley sockets, TCP/IP stacks, Ethernet (copper and fiber), WLAN (802.11x), Telnet, FTP, as well as HTTP web-based service application development. Have experience developing with and configuring various web servers (Apache variants, IIS, Pion, etc.).

Competent with common source code control systems (SVN, Git, CVS, etc).


No. 864492 filed on 2001-05-23- Role-based IP multicast addressing in a wireless LAN.
No. 866097 filed on 2001-05-23- Multicast wireless ad hoc packet routing.

Education and Background:
BS Degree – Information Systems Management,
University of San Francisco,
San Francisco, California, 1986

Other professional-development related course-work at Stanford University, San Jose State University, University of Texas (UTA), and University of New Mexico.

Jerry Rice

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