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David Vieira

Vieira High Frequency (RF/Analog Electronics)

San Jose, CA 95119
Work Phone: 4089161345
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Certified Professional Consultant

Principal Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Design Consultant (IC & PCB / Hardware)
Services include:

Analog & Mixed-Signal IC design.  (concept to production).
RF & PCB systems:  design, review, analysis, testing, compliance, etc.

20+ years of engineering experience covering:
Analog & Mixed-Signal IC design:

Communication Channels for Physical Layer electronics:

RFID, Radios, Hard Disk Drive, DVD, Ethernet, SERDES.
Low Power Design.  NanoAmpere, Sub-Threshold biased design.
Timing: Oscillators (L/C, Ring, Crystals, Ceramic Resonators), PLL, clock tree, etc.
Standard Products: Data Converters (ADC/DAC), Amplifiers (PGA), Filters, Clocks, etc.

RF/Wireless Architecture & IoT Printed Circuit Boards:

Systems: PCB design, debug, and customer support.
Guide and/or review PCB layouts and stackup. FLEX material for transmission line.
Schematic Entry.  IC selection. Component selection (RF connectors, cable, etc.)
Characterization (RL, SWR) of antenna, filters, and other components (S11, S21)
Wi-Fi (WiFi), Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), RFID, NFC, and proprietary radios.
Radio Frequency Bands: VHF, UHF, 2.4, 5.8 GHz , > 10 GHz, ISM, etc.
RF Link Budgeting.
Internet of Things.  Consumer appliances; Industrial applications.  Control systems.
Data Acquisition and interfaces.  Environmental sensors (Temperature, Humidity, etc.)

FCC / Government certification & compliance:   Title 47 CFR, Part 15, etc.

Lab Equipment to test, verify, and debug designs for Analog & RF systems.  (Inquire.)
FCC pre-scan, compliance testing.  EMI/EMC debug.  Emissions, Harmonics, Frequency accuracy & stability.

Education and Background:
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
University of California at Davis

Awards and Certifications:
Senior Member, IEEE

FCC licensure:

General Radio Operator License (G.R.O.L.) with Radar Endorsement.
Amateur Extra license.

David Vieira

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