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Darius A. Przygoda

Medical Design Solutions, Inc.

Mountain View, CA
Cell Phone: 650-224-8992
Certified Professional Consultant

Senior Medical Design Consultant (Hardware & Embedded Firmware)

Dr. Przygoda has 20+ years of consulting engineering experience covering:
·         System architecture definition
·         Analog and digital hardware design
·         Embedded software and firmware
·         Experience in design of wearable devices
·         Deep background in mathematics and physics
·         Familiarity with IEEE medical safety standards and required documentation
·         Hands on, familiarity with debugging tools

As a consultant, supports his customers with an extensive background in mathematics and physics and extensive hands-on background in circuit design, simulation and debugging techniques.
Experienced in concept-to-product development process. Took  part in many design projects which ended with bringing products to the production phase, during which he played both leading and supporting design/management roles.

System Architecture
·         Design/review of system architecture of medical and non-medical systems
·         Troubleshooting problems in electronic systems
·         Functional simulation and analysis of system behavior and module interactions

Hardware Design
Expertise in analog and digital hardware design, including:
·         Microcontroller systems
·         Amplifiers and signal converters
·         Measurement systems, sensors, and sensor interfaces
·         Low power supply modules (linear and switching)
·         Computer simulation of electronic circuitry

Embedded Firmware and Software
·         C/C++ embedded code (PICxx, TI4xx, ARM/Cortex)
·         Knowledge of assembly programming
·         Code validation and verification for medical projects

Medical Safety Standards and Documentation
·         Knowledge of schematic capture and PCB design tools
·         Familiarity with FDA required safety standards and rules (e.g., 60601)
·         Familiarity with production process of medical devices
·         Knowledge and ability to generate design documentation compatible with Customer's documentation standards

Practical Design/Debug Skills
·         Low and high level system/circuit debugging from system level down to component level, including soldering capability on SMD level
·         Knowledge of PCB design and ability to supervise PCB designer

Work Experience (Important Projects)
·         Gastric restrictor (implantable device)
·         Wireless ECG system
·         Wireless wearable vitals monitor (ECG, posture, respiration, temperature, etc.)
·         Vascular pressure measurement device (catheter)
·         Epidural needle guidance system
·         Venous ablation system

Dr. Przygoda received his education in Europe; began his career in a research institute in Warsaw, Poland; then moved to the United States to continue working in consulting. He has held management and executive positions including Director of Department of Measurement, and Vice President of Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Przygoda is a co-founder, partner and officer of Medical Design Solutions, Inc., a medical design and development consulting house located in Miplitas, California (

He earned his M.S., and Ph.D. at the Technical University of Warsaw, Poland, and has continued his education by completing numerous classes and courses both in Europe and in the U.S.

He also holds several patents in both Europe and the U.S.

Education and Background:
M.Sc. in EE, Technical University of Warsaw, Poland
Ph.D. in EE / Math, Technical University of Warsaw, Poland

Darius A. Przygoda

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