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Dan LeVasseur

Interface Design

375 Vista Ridge Drive
Milpitas CA, 95035-7223
Work Phone: 408-262-2224

Certified Professional Consultant


- FPGA-based control logic, state machines, hi-end microprocessor boards

- Verilog and VHDL design of FPGAs and PLDs (Altera expert; also Xilinx and others)

- Motorola processors and Analog Device DSPs, embedded FPGA soft processors

- Mentor schematic capture, ModelSim and HyperLynx

- PCI, PCIe, Compact PCI, PXI, PXIe, other custom high-speed bus designs

- Instrumentation design, including Vector Network Analyzers

- Design, timing analysis, simulation, verification, schematic and system architecture design

- Patent recipient for “Variable Gain Control in High Speed Receivers”

- Testifying expert witness with patent analysis and deposition experience



Quartus and Nios embedded processors; Stratix, Arria, Cyclone, MAX, configuration devices; IP (Intellectual Property) core design and integration; FPGA-specific SDC, timing and placement constraints; peripheral device implementation: SerDes, SATA, SDRAM, DDR2, SODIMM, Flash, USB, SPI, analog and RF hardware control, video, etc.; simulation tools and test benches; state machine design; signal processing (digital filtering, averaging, gain ranging, matrix transformation algorithms); multilayer PCB stackup construction and impedance design, high-speed differential pair routing, SI (Signal Integrity), HDI (High Density Interconnect), EMI and FCC Class B, layout specification and management; system architecture definition and design (system, board, chip); high-efficiency power regulator design for digital and RF circuitry; motherboard design; clock distribution; high-speed link port and communication channels to 5Gbps+; LVTTL, LVDS, LVPECL, numerous interface standards and mixed-voltage designs; hands-on prototype bring-up, debugging, verification; high and low-volume products, DFM (Design For Manufacturing); working independently or with teams

Education and Background:
BSEE, University of Connecticut
MSCS, Santa Clara University

Dan LeVasseur

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