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Curtis Blanding

Fast Technology

4508 Norwich Way
San Jose CA, 95130
Work Phone: 408-374-7002
Fax: 408-850-5851
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Certified Professional Consultant

Digital/Analog Design Engineer
High speed digital and analog systems. High speed digital word generators. Functional at speed test designs for component and system-level test. Data rates up to 10 GB/s Picosec timing control of multiple sigs. ECL and GaAs standard and custom ICs over 40 years experience Creative solutions to test problems Full design capability including PCB design and prototype testing Altium and PCAD PCB tools including schematic capture, spice, and board layout High voltage digital signal isolation to 15KV DC High speed ADC and DAC Very low noise transimpedance amplifier, VGA, and ADC design for video capture LTCC design and layout (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) Custom designed test fixtures and test equipment Designed completed scan generation and deflection system for Scanning Electron Microscope
Designed high speed Laser Diode and LED drivers up to 100MHz EBeam Blanker design at 1Gbps with programmable pulse width Programmable mixed Analog/Digial pattern generator / sequencer

Curtis Blanding

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