CAN: Controller Area Network (ARM Tech Seminar)

CAN networks are mandated for diagnostic use for every car sold in California, and as a result most cars sold in the United States rely on them. Bob Boys has worked with a number of car makers on tools to design and debug CAN networks and he provided both a well thought out overview as well as practical problems at the firmware and signal integrity level in making a CAN network operational. One interesting fact Bob shared about CAN network identifiers–which are really the core to network design, is that while the diagnostic identifiers are all common, each manufacturer has their own address space and therefore builds a proprietary networking model on top of the standard.

If you missed Bob Boys’ seminar on “CAN: Controller Area Network”, he covered:

    • practical understanding how CAN works.the frame
    • physical layer (wires) and transceivers
    • things you need to get it working
    • tips on traps and opportunities to help you.
    • error handling

Here are his slides.

CAN seminar 1804

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