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Liquid Biopsy Platform

This project was a complex medical instrument that required a combination of skills that we are known for: analog circuitry, FPGA, microprocessors, and firmware. The instrument is used for non-invasive liquid biopsies and requires the accurate measurement of a very low current in a sample of blood.

High Definition (HD) Mapping Unit

Mapping unit outfitted with a wide range of sensors including cameras (Daylight and IR), Time of Flight (depth) cameras, GNSS with RTK, LIDAR, and inertial measurement units to collect data that is useful for developing software and algorithms for an autonomous vehicle.

AR glasses

Voler Systems designed the electronics in the Rokid glasses which include an integrated wearable computer. The glasses include facial recognition, voice recognition, and hand gesture recognition. Their open platform runs Android and therefore can be easily tailored to many enterprise applications.