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Startups: What’s Hot, What’s Not


Startups play an important role in the Silicon Valley economy. Startup expert Sean Murphy weighs in on technology startups to give us his verdict on which technologies will have a major impact and which ones are stagnating. He will summarize startup trends and explore how they connect to the Silicon Valley ecosystem including consultants and […]

On bots, language and making technology disappear

On bots, language and making technology disappear

There’s a new buzzword in computer design circles every year. This year, the buzzword is without question bots. As with anything we build, we give bots names. It’s something most of us don’t even question. They come pre-personified and ready for us to start that human-computer relationship, just like HAL 9000 or Her : there’s […]

Silicon Valley Has Disrupted Disruptive Innovation

Why Clayton Christensen Is Wrong About Uber And Disruptive Innovation

Alex Moazed is the founder and CEO of Applico , a platform innovation company that provides technology advisory and mobile app development services. Silicon Valley has disrupted disruptive innovation, and Clayton Christensen isn’t happy about it. Christensen vaulted to rock-star status in the tech world in 1995 when he introduced the theory of disruptive innovation […]

How robots will reshape the U.S. economy

How robots will reshape the U.S. economy

How to join the network Few doubt that our future — both immediate and long term — will be heavily impacted by robots. With flashy AI technology like IBM’s Watson and Google’s driverless cars stealing headlines and outperforming their human competitors, it’s clear that our economy is bracing for a fundamental shift in how we […]

Meet the 12 finalists at startup competition at CES

Meet the 12 finalists at ShowStoppers’ LaunchIt startup competition at CES

Startups are taking over CES . While the Sonys and Samsungs of the consumer electronics industry are presenting their latest and greatest devices today, hundreds of companies are also making their way to Las Vegas to present some nifty hardware products. That’s the reason why TechCrunch is organizing the Hardware Battlefield . It’s just like […]