A Priority Inbox For Your Phone’s Notifications

Snowball Debuts A “Priority Inbox” For Your Phone’s Notifications

With a growing number of mobile applications available to download, and only a handful that see regular usage , push notifications have become one of the only ways for developers to grab users’ attention in order to get them to re-open their app and re-engage with their content. Unfortunately for app users, that means we’re often bombarded with notifications we don’t care about. Meanwhile, going into the phone or app’s settings and configuring how we want to be alerted for each app we have installed is a time-consuming process and something of a hassle. Launching today, an app called Snowball wants to help with this problem by offering a different interface for interacting with notifications that allows you to track only those that are actually important. The new app is the second version of Snowball’s earlier product, a unified inbox for all your messaging apps , which arrived last fall. While a clever app that’s seen 250,000 downloads to date, and still has daily users in the tens of thousands, Snowball founder and CEO Anish Acharya admits that it didn’t really take off as well as they hoped. So the San Francisco-based startup went back to the drawing board. This time around, instead of building a unified inbox for messages, the team designed something that’s more of a “priority inbox” for your notifications. Building the app itself was something of a technical feat. “It’s completely undiscovered so far – we haven’t seen any other apps doing it,” explains Acharya, describing how Snowball takes over the entire pull-down notifications interface on Android, as well as the full notification swipe itself. “This was something we thought was impossible twelve months ago,” he says. Though the startup is keeping the details of “how” they were able to accomplish this to themselves, Acharya […]