Screenplay For HBO’s Silicon Valley And It’s Hilarious

The Founder Of Firefox Wrote His Own Screenplay For HBO’s Silicon Valley And It’s Hilarious

HBO’s Silicon Valley is a show pretty much based on an entire industry’s lack of self-awareness. Richard, Erlich and the rest of Pied Piper are always cringingly painful to watch as they thrive in a startup culture that is just so entertaining to dissect. The show just finished up its second season and the third doesn’t begin for another eight months. To most fans that’s just a bummer. Blake Ross, a guy who knows a thing or two about startups (he founded Firefox and previously worked at Facebook and Netscape), took it more to heart. Last night, Ross published an original screenplay of a new episode of the show on his site, saying in a Facebook post , “I couldn’t wait 8 more months for season 3 of Silicon Valley to start, so I spent the past 48 hours writing my own episode. It picks up where season 2 left off.” What results is a screenplay that’s hilariously on-point, complete with some ridiculous antics from the central characters who move through a plot line involving Richard hiring his own CEO replacement while juggling the possibility of moving his company to be open-source. Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.43.44 AM Give the full thing a read here . What is perhaps coolest about this screenplay is that it’s written by a guy that’s spent his whole life at the forefront of some pretty high-profile tech companies. Ross came to Silicon Valley as a wiz kid at age 14 and has spent his whole life navigating the bizarre culture where he said he’s seen “some pretty ridiculous things.”. I caught up with Ross and he revealed some of his inspirations for the episode and how he thinks everyone who writes for the show should probably have to work for AOL for at […]