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Managing Customer Expectations 

See the slide Presentation on this lively discussion from a recent PATCA meeting.  Panelists were PATCA members: Walt Maclay, and Christopher Edington, and it was moderated by Paul Scott.
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Promoting your Consulting Services on Craigslist 

marketing on craigslist


By Carl Angotti PATCA Senior Certified Professional Consultant
These are the powerpoint slides in the presentation given by Carl Angotti.  it contains an overview of the methods and practice used to make effective Craigslist ads.  The complete white paper is available at the Resources for PATCA members page.
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Consulting Workshop Presentation 

By Joel Williams PATCA Senior Certified Professional Consultant
Table of Contents includes: What a consultant does; Who are consultants; Is consulting for you?; Who hires consultants?; How much do consultants make?; How do consultants find assignments; Getting started; Business structures; Dealing with clients; PATCA added value; Contractor vs. Consultant;
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Independent Contractor Agreement

Here is a link to the LAWDEPOT website where you can create an Independent Contractor Agreement.  From their website:  “A INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT is an agreement between a Customer and a Service Provider, setting out the services to be provided and the terms of payment or compensation.” This link provided for informational purposes only.
 PATCA members should not rely upon this information for any purpose without seeking legal advice from a licensed attorney in the member’s state.
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irs 20 questions Are you an Independent Contractor or an Employee? – The IRS 20 Questions Test

The IRS wants to make sure you pay your fair share of income taxes, and they would rather get it sooner than later.  If you are classified as an employee, the employer must withhold taxes – and you may not be able to take the business expense deductions associated with your business that you are entitled to. Employers report payments to employees on a W-2 form, and to independent contractors on a 1099 form.  The line between independent contractor and employee can be a gray one.  As an independent contractor, it is important that you become familiar with this issue.   In 1987, the IRS published a list of 20 questions as a guideline.  Some time later, they identified three categories of evidence that may be relevant: (1) behavioral control; (2) financial control; and (3) relationship of the parties.  For the latest information, direct from the IRS, click here.

Access the IRS 20 questions here

Note: Membership in a professional organization such as PATCA could help establish your status as an independent contractor.


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  1. Sitaram

    I am an independent consultant in science and technology. I live in Chicago. Is there any PACTA chapter in Chicago area so that I can join and meet like minded people around here? Thanks

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    My top 11 suggestions for online resources that cater to the needs of consultants are listed below. This is just a starter list — add your own suggestions in the comments below.

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