Nonlinear Success

Linear Work In Nonlinear Environments

We are constantly bombarded by nonlinear success stories: The Facebook-MillionsOfDownloads-Airbnb-10,000Followers-ExponentialGrowth-AcquiredFor$200M-Snapchat-Uber-Zilla is stomping through our tech magazines/Twitter feeds/life every day. Our poor brains. We can’t help it, but this becomes the baseline for success. This is what our brain holds ourselves accountable to. And in some ways, this is correct — this is what top-tier success looks like today, and it is true across the board. Whether you’re a writer, a filmmaker, a games developer or an entrepreneur — nonlinear results are out there and people who aren’t you are getting them! Work Is All You Have You can sit around eating pizza hoping that nonlinear success will ride into your bedroom, grab you by the waist, hoist you onto the rather pointy-nosed horse and ride off into the sunset — but you know that probably won’t happen. So you work. But work is always linear — you cannot give more hours than there are in a day, you cannot exponentially speed up your learning, your content creation or your software development. But as we see every day, exponential success is possible (and don’t feel guilty if you want it, you’re probably just scared that you haven’t got it yet). When we do our linear work and produce content (or code, or anything else that scales nicely) that we believe to be good and nonlinear growth does not come, we can feel disheartened and stop doing work. But we should not. We need to remind ourselves that any work that we, or others, do is linear, but that today we are working in nonlinear mediums. Back In Time If we travelled back 500 years and talked to the founder of a wooden-chair making business and asked him how he imagined the progression of his company over the next 30 years, […]