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Wendi Allen

Allen Design

San Francisco, CA 94117
Cell Phone: (408) 204-2447
Certified Professional Consultant

Better - Cheaper - Faster!
As both a hardware engineer and a software engineer, I bring extraordinary skills and efficiency to your project. I can provide unbiased advice on tradeoffs between hardware and software. My ability to write test routines, and then monitor behavior using an oscilloscope or other equipment is invaluable when troubleshooting communication problems, system hangups, or other issues which normally require two individuals with complimentary skills.

Whether you intend to sell millions of units of your product, or build only a few for your own internal use, I can make the tradeoffs necessary to minimize your development costs and maximize your profits. My experience with all phases of product development, including initial conception, prototype construction, debug, and support of manufacturing, ensure that I can do it better, cheaper, and faster!

Over 20 years designing video games, consumer electronics, and computers & peripherals

I specialize in designing hardware and software for embedded digital systems. My years in the video game business have given me exceptional skills in the art of high performance, low power, minimum cost engineering. I've written assembly language programs for over a dozen distinct processor families, and I have been the electrical designer of products whose production volumes have been counted in the millions.

Previous designs have included:

Embedded controllers
Numerous MPUs & MCUs, 4-32 bit, including software
Multiple FPGAs, including hand partitioning, placing, & routing
Complex state machines
PC plug-in cards - ISA & PCI
USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, RS232, serial, & IEEE 1284 parallel port interfaces
Graphic LCDs & VFDs
Optimum bandwidth memory controllers/arbitrators for SDRAM, SGRAM, & VRAM
Video engines - 2D, 3D, & MJPEG

Education and Background:
BS, Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
MS, Scientific Instrumentation, University of California, Santa Barbara

Wendi Allen

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