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Richard G. Perry

Richard G. Perry, Inc.

7117 Chabot Road
Oakland CA, 94618
Work Phone: 510-654-0420

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Certified Professional Consultant

Hardware / Software / Firmware Design Engineer
Specializing in hardware design verification and diagnostics: C (20+ years), C++ UNIX , Linux, VRTX,

HP-PA, Device Drivers Real time embedded controllers 68XXX, Z80, Z8, Intel, PowerQUICC - 8051, PIC,

SPARC, 2900, R7000, i960, ARM Communications - i2c, ATM, Encryption, Ethernet, ISDN, E1/T1 Interfaces:

USB, PCI, JTAG, PCMCIA Medical electronics - Ultrasound Video and Audio Automotive CAN CodeWarrior TI DSP

Motorola ColdFire Atmel Flash Visual Studio

Education and Background:
University of California, Berkeley

Richard G. Perry

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