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Robert D. Boehlje


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5071 Barnett Loop
Shingle Springs CA, 95682
Work Phone: 530-677-4670
Fax: 530-677-4670
Certified Professional Consultant

Embedded Software and Firmware solutions giving your hardware a personality
CIMSOR provides the Bay Area (90% of our clients are in the Bay Area) and Northern California with software and embedded firmware solutions. With 30 years of microprocessor and micro controller solutions, we are experienced in hardware software trade offs delivering complete solutions with attention to detailed user interfaces.

System designs have included peripherals including keypads, LCD displays, video processors, electro-mechanics, electro-optics, I2C, SPI, USB, UARTS, RFID, RTC, ADC, DAC and more. Interrupt driven battery powered systems rely on power saving software control. We are familiar with microprocessors from the Intel x86 and 8051, Motorola 6800 and 68000, Microchip PIC, IAR and Atmel AVR32 and ARM. For many processors, we maintain software libraries, licensed compilers, developer workbenches, developer tools, emulators and JTAG debuggers including RealIce and ATAVRONE. Your product can be functionally specified, designed, prototyped, debugged and delivered with well documented and commented software; or we can assist with fault analysis in troubled products.

Starting with our design or yours (we work closely with your hardware developers), our software may be written in Assembly, C or C++ as needed; higher level languages are Lint tested for reliability.

Embedded firmware can provide algorithms, mathematics, electro-mechanical control, state machines and user interfaces for medical, industrial or test and measurement products. In addition we can develop Windows MFC applications as stand-alone applications or as embedded extensions.

Robert D. Boehlje

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