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Paul J. Rasmussen

Eagle Ravine Consulting Co.

2260 Dalhousie Street
Victoria BC, V8R 2H2
Work Phone: (250) 920-0124
Certified Professional Consultant

UNIX/C Software Consultant
33 years professional experience. 27 years consulting experience. Excellent Bay Area reputation and references including many years experience with Xerox PARC. I am well known in the industry for my ability to understand complex software systems extremely quickly and therefore complete your project with a minimum of overhead. I am exceptionally quick and creative in tracking down and fixing tough software problems. I am also known for writing code that is exceptionally modular and avoids unnecessary complexity therefore simplifying future modifications and minimizing software problems. Specializing in: Development of sophisticated applications in Java and C. Networking. Web application development - excellent knowledge of tomcat/servlets Debugger interfacing, porting, development. Gdb internals expert. UNIX/Linux/Mach kernel/driver development, testing, design. C/Assembler utility/applications development. Experience with numerous architectures, languages, protocols, source control systems.

Paul J. Rasmussen

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