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Paul M. Jones

Santa Rita Consulting, LLC

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165 Santa Rita Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Work Phone: 412-726-9379
Cell Phone: 412-726-9379


Education and Background:
BA Chemistry, 1982  SUNY at Binghamton, NY

Phd Chemistry, 2003 Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Awards and Certifications:
Seagate LLC, Corporate Outstanding Innovation and Achievement Award, 2005
Seagate LLC, Presidents Drive to EHS Excellence Award, 2005
Iomega Corp., Outstanding Manager, 1998
IBM Corp., Recipient IBM Graduate Fellowship, 1992
2013, 7.     Jones, Paul M.; Hohfeld, Julius; Platt, Christopher; Ahner, Joachim; Tang, Huan, Carbon Overcoat Loss From The Surface Of A Heat Assisted Magnetic Storage Disk Due To Laser Irradiation (Outstanding Presentation), ASME/ ISPS Conference 2013 in  Santa Clara, CA , USA

Invited Paper: MRS Bulletin

Cited by 2

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Volume 43Issue 2 (Materials for Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording)
February 2018 , pp. 119-124

Materials challenges for the heat-assisted magnetic recording head–disk interface

James D. Kiely (a1), Paul M. Jones (a2) and Joel Hoehn (a

Paul M. Jones

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