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Dominic Kyrie

Harmony Systems

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Cupertino, CA 95014
Work Phone: (408) 255-8151
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Senior Certified Professional Consultant

We write firmware for shovel-ready embedded controller projects.

Today's crop of affordable microcontrollers puts the power of factory automation control onto a single chip. A wide assortment of on-chip peripherals enables both analog and digital control of external devices. And, a variety of serial interfaces enhances communication options and programmability. Clock speeds upwards of 100 MHz maximize your system's performance, while power-down currents in the microamp region improve battery life.

Our extensive experience in hardware/software systems and real-time control can help optimize your system's design and performance.

Searchable Keywords:  Firmware Development, Microchip PIC/AVR, TI MSP430, C, ASM

Education and Background:
• MSEE, Stanford
• BSEE, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Dominic Kyrie

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