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Charles Fenton

419 Euclid Ave
Oakland CA, 94610-3525
Work Phone: 510-817-4028

Certified Professional Consultant

Macintosh Software Engineering
Macintosh programming, including:

Kiosk applications
General applications
Consumer products
Commercial in-house software solutions
System software
UNIX programming for the Macintosh
Cross-platform development, using wxWidgets and other tools


Has developed both proprietary and open-source software.

Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills.

Creative "think outside the box" solutions to difficult problems.

Many satisfied clients; references provided on request.

Experience developing medical and industrial software on a variety of processors.

Recent projects include:

Wrote SETI@home client/screensaver ports for Mac OS 9 & OS X; helped write, debug & maintain Macintosh, Windows and UNIX SETI@home clients (over 5 million users worldwide):

Macintosh and cross-platform programmer for UC Berkeley BOINC project (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing): BOINC is used by over 70 research projects worldwide, including World Community Grid, to enable volunteer distributed computing, and also by various in-house distributed computing projects.

Designed & implemented kiosk and system software used to control floor computers and demos in Apple retail stores.

Available for 1099 contracts directly with principals. No agencies, brokers or W2 contracts, please.

Charles Fenton

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