Scaling Your Consulting Business Model– Subcontractors vs. Employees -Ups &Downs

Join us for an online interview with Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step, when we’ll discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and implications in operations and marketing of choosing your business model using subcontractors, employees, or both to scale your offerings and services.

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You’ll be able to ask questions live in this format – and participate in the discussion following the interview. 30 minutes of interview; 30 minutes of discussion with attendees live.

NOTE: This is different from outsourcing tasks to free you up (like accounting, email newsletters, social media posting, etc.) – in this conversation we’ll be talking about potentially having a team of consultants that you lead or a team of employees – all delivering services to your clients.

Key points:

Advantages and disadvantages of employees and/or subcontractors
Lessons learned
Key issues

Women In Consulting (WIC) COST $20

Includes live webinar and access to recording afterward

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