PATCA New Consultants’ Roundtable Online Meeting

Are you thinking about becoming a consultant? Are you consulting now, and want to reposition your business. Then this is the Meetup for you. Learn how to enter the Consulting Business professionally.

Two seasoned members of PATCA (The Professional and Technical Consultants Association) will be leading a monthly roundtable meeting to discuss ideas of interest to those just starting in Consulting or Independent Contracting.

The Format is as follows:

1. First, there will be a quick round of introductions by those in attendance.

2. Next, there will be a 15 to 20 minute focused discussion around a specific topic related to starting an independent contractor business.

o Focused Discussion
— How to Build Client Relationships

A. Start with a formal plan to do this regularly – Weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly.
B. Create a list of valuable contacts from past associates, past clients, friends, etc.
C. Consider these as Opportunities to Create Valued Resources for your later use
D. Make these and opportunity for Mentoring, and / or Being Mentored
E. Allow these to give you an opportunity to Exchange Knowledge with Your Peers
F. Take a break from the day to have an enjoyable phone conversation during the Pandemic period?

3. After the presentation, there will be a formal discussion on the presentation topic. Then the floor will be open to answering general questions on starting a consulting practice. So bring your questions. We will end promptly at 12:30 PM.


Currently, online meetings are free of cost. Sign up, and you will be sent an email link to the meeting the day before we meet.

Attendance is limited to 15 persons, so sign up right away if you wish to attend.

The Leaders of this Roundtable will be:

Carl Angotti, President of Angotti Product Development, and long time Sr. Certified Professional Consultant member of PATCA and current Board member. He is also a former Chair and Board Member of the Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV).

Larry Polyak, President of MSD Systems, and a long time Certified Professional Consultant Company member of PATCA.

For further Information, please contact Carl Angotti at