PATCA New Consultants’ Roundtable Lunch

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Are you thinking about becoming a consultant? Just Retired, or want to get out from under sub-contracting? Are you consulting now, and want to reposition or add a new service to your business? Then this is the Meetup for you. Learn how to enter the Consulting Business professionally and keep it going.

Two seasoned members of PATCA (The Professional and Technical Consultants Association) will be leading a monthly roundtable meeting to discuss ideas of interest to those just starting in Consulting or Independent Contracting.

The Format is as follows:

1. First, there will be a quick round of introductions by those in attendance.

2. Next, there will be a 15 to 20 minute discussion around a specific topic related to starting an independent contractor business.

This meeting we will discuss putting a price on your head as a practising consultant.


A. Start with the step that has the longest lead time – Get a Bank Account in a Fictitious Name – In California register in the County where you expect to do business. There is a lead time of two weeks to publish the name, so this can’t be done immediately.

Make the name memorable, able to be spelled, and that connects with your business somehow. You can avoid this step by operating a business in your real name, but this likely won’t serve you well in your business promotional efforts.

Some ideas: ie: C. N. Jones Consulting Services, A. D. Smith Software Development. You can move on to names for improved use in your branding later. Then, you can register those names.

B. Post an On-Line Resume – Indeed, Dice, organizations related to your business, a respected organization of consultants in your field.
C. Post on LinkedIn

D. Get a Business Phone Line? Answer phone on voicemail in your business name

E. Plan on slow startup with slow ramp up in income, so start working out of your home if you can to keep costs down.

F. Look for potential partners – Prefer Partnering with Non-Competitive other consultants related to your business

G. If you have Web page skills, set up Website Blog, don’t expect SEO to help

H. Do lots of networking with old associates = 50 Person List, contact all personally, not by email only. Often used is email, then phone call. Explain what you are doing in the email, then call.

I. Do lots of informational interviews. Start with persons you already know and expand to those in, or close to, your target market.

J. Engage in a “Massive Effort” – ie Whatever it takes to get first engagement

3. After the presentation, there will be a formal discussion on the presentation topic. Then the floor will be open to answer general questions on starting a consulting practice. So bring your questions. We will end promptly at 1:30 PM.


There will be a $15 fee for attending this meeting. If you pay at the door, the cost is $20 cash, so sign up online if you can. Fee includes the Roundtable Buffet of all you can eat of pizza and salad, and all the soda drinks you might wish for.

Attendance is limited to 15 persons, so sign up right away if you wish to attend.

The Leaders of this Roundtable will be:

Carl Angotti, President of Angotti Product Development, and longtime Sr. Certified Professional Consultant member of PATCA and current Board member. He is also a former Chair and Board Member of the Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV).

Larry Polyak, President of MSD Systems, and a longtime Certified Professional Consultant Company member of PATCA.

For further Information, please contact Carl Angotti at