PATCA Meetup-Consultants Networking Lunch-South Bay

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REGISTRATION FEES: $14 (fee includes drinks, pizza, salad bar and taxes. All attendees will be required to pay registration fee even if do not have Roundtable lunch.)

Networking with other consultants.

Discussion of issues and challenges of running a successful consulting practice.

Exchange of ideas about a variety of industries and business topics.

Opportunities to share leads or collaborate on projects.

Have an enjoyable business lunch with interesting people on a regular basis.

Here’s how it works:

Each PATCA Lunch will meet at the same location on a regular monthly schedule.

Each group is led by a volunteer facilitator.

Table topics will be tailored to the interests of participants, who will suggest focus areas for future discussions.

Planned topics will be posted on the web site, and ongoing feedback will ensure the topics are of interest to the group.

As time allows, each session will include discussion of issues or questions that are raised by attendees.

Trust and respect are expected from all participants, especially when members request confidentiality for business or client information that may be shared.

There are no attendance requirements; however regular participation will provide the most benefit and will help make each PATCA Lunch a success.

Guests are welcome to attend to sample the benefits of PATCA membership.