Three Ways to Present Yourself Professionally on Video – PATCA Evening Meeting

It is essential that you find your authentic voice and learn to communicate in a clear, courageous, effective way in today’s hyper-paced global business climate.

In our every-day-changing-world, we are being called upon to do business over video and this will become the premiere business platform.

Video meetings are different than in-person meetings, do you know how to adapt and be effective?

In this interactive webinar, you will learn how to:

· Set the stage for a more effective meeting or training

· Why & how your pacing and style must change to one of interdependence

· Tips to be more comfortable and confident on camera

About the Speaker:

Dr. Miluna Fausch has coached high performance leaders for the last 10 years.

Her multi-faceted background includes working 9-5, she has sold everything from advertising to Steinway pianos, she has a B.S. in Music Business and a PhD in Holistic Psychology, and comes from the stage & screen as a performer.

In her free time, she can be found traveling, wine tasting, eating Swiss chocolate, watching Formula 1 auto races, and mentoring a young woman at a local high school.

Dr. Miluna Fausch’s company is Pitch Perfect Confident Speaking.