A Brief Tour of Language AI – PATCA Evening Meeting

Language AI is booming. There is great commercial interest in conversational systems: chatbots, intelligent agents, virtual assistants. We hear more and more about algorithms to automatically process text for sentiment, topics, and other content. This talk will give a tour of types of language AI technology and applications and delve into what’s possible, what’s easy, what’s hard and why.

About the Speaker:

Beth Ann Hockey is an expert in language based AI, who has worked in government, academia and industry. She has led efforts in several complex conversational AI projects including: the NASA Clarissa project that was the first dialogue system in space, an advanced prototype in-vehicle system for Ford Motors and the virtual coach for the RADAR Pace sports glasses. As CTO and Managing Director of BAHRC Language Tech Consulting, she provides diverse clients with expertise in Conversational AI systems architecture and algorithms, with language data acquisition and annotation, technology evaluation for investment or vendor adoption, training and language AI strategy. Beth Ann holds a Ph.d in Linguistics and a Masters in Computer Science, both from the University of Pennsylvania. She has 50+ refereed publications, and holds two patents in Language AI.

Note: we get a free room, everyone is expected to buy a dinner.