How to Write an Effective Proposal – PATCA Evening Networking Discussion Meeting

One dimension of consulting that elevates some consultants’ business over their peers is their closing rate based on an effective proposal. This discussion will explore some often overlooked facets of a consultant’s proposal, and identify ways a consultant can write a proposal that will stand out from any competition. Join us for a lively interactive session lead by PATCA member and highly experienced consultant Perry West.

About the speaker:
Perry West is the President of Automated Vision Systems, Inc., which was founded in 1981 at the start of the machine vision revolution. West, who has won numerous awards in his field, is also an experienced presenter and has authored articles for technical journals and magazines. In addition to application development, system design and architecture, West heads up his company’s business development process, and provides education and training to clients and trade organizations. Perry is a Senior Certified Professional Consultant with PATCA.