Independent Consultants & Brokers: Strategies For Success – Evening Meeting

There are a number of factors that need to be balanced when Independent Consultants and Brokers collaborate, and this panel will discuss and explore approaches to address these issues. Some of these from the Consultant’s perspective are:

1. Strong need for cash flow
2. Just beginning to start their consulting practice
3. Desire to obtain some experience with a new consulting skill
4. They are incorporated and can do business on a Corp to Corp basis
5. They are aware of “consultant friendly” brokers
6. They can get gigs on a 1099 basis and obtain near their “full rate”

This month, our PATCA Monthly meeting will feature three persons that work with consultants regularly. They will give short presentations on their firms and how they work with consultants, and be open to answering your questions about working with their company.

The types of questions they will address are:

1. What areas do you specialize in for placements?
2. What does your ideal Consultant client look like?
3. What are the hiring trends in the market from your perspective?
4. How does a consultant do business with your organization? Corp to Corp and 1099 arrangements
5. What is the typical “add on” to a Consultant fee for your organization
6. What are the typical Terms of payment such as “pay on pay”, fixed delay, etc.
7. Do you ever place teams, along with a project manager in your organization
8. Do you ever manage a project, and supply individuals to implement it?

The three brokers that will join us are:

Mainz Brady Group, Jay Prince, see

Albin Engineering, Marc Albin, See

Oxford International, Campbell Office, Daniel Lu Mgr, See

Join us in this enlightening discussion about how consultants and brokers might work together.