A First Look at the PATCA Consulting Rate Survey

Many consultants do not know the Rates charged by their peers, and persons engaging in other Consulting areas. PATCA has just completed the 2015-2016 Rate Survey. Although the formal publication of the Rate Survey report has not been completed, there is a lot of information contained in it that is worth a preview.

This latest survey included:

1. Demographics of those participating in the Survey

2. The types of consulting in which they were engaged

3. The Geographic areas they serve

4. Average rates including median, and Standard Deviation

5. Variation of rates vs various Demographics

7. Rate trends as seen by the participants

8. Other subjects brought up at the meeting

We are still deeply involved in analyzing the results of the information we received. Since the report is not completed as yet, the Survey will not be given out at this preview meeting. If you join us, you can help shape what appears in the final report.

Come join us for a first look at the results of the Survey before publication of the formal report.

$10 on-line pre-registration (includes pizza and soft drink), or $15 at time of event