Developing Your Unique Value Proposition – PATCA Evening Meeting

To get consulting gigs, you need people to understand the value you offer, and why that value is higher than other options they might consider. You don’t get much time to make them understand — attention spans are short, and the noise level is high — so you need to get your value across quickly. The best way to do that is to have a Unique Value Proposition, one that’s so simple, clear, and compelling that anyone immediately understands what you do and why it matters.

We’ll discuss factors that make an effective Unique Value Proposition, review some examples, and work on developing some new ones.

About the Speaker:

Jim Schibler has excelled in product management and marketing for over 20 years. He brought multiple generations of innovative laboratory software to market, and managed SD Forum’s Marketing SIG for four years. He is currently seeking a product management leadership role at a software/internet company that involves delivering a great user experience; in the meantime, he is using his strategy, marketing, and coaching skills to help other professionals become more successful and move their careers and businesses forward.

NOTE: $5 to reserve seat for the talk. Attendees are expected to order an entree from the menu. You can order your dinner and pay directly to the restaurant. Look for us in the backroom.