Vying For The Crunchie For Best Mobile App Of 2015

Meet The Apps Vying For The Crunchie For Best Mobile App Of 2015

The 9th Annual Crunchies are right around the corner. On February 8, some of your favorite startups, entrepreneurs and investors will make their way to San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House for the Oscars of startups and technology. They’ll be hoping to win a Crunchie award in one of 12 categories up for grabs at this year’s show. The Crunchie for Best Mobile App goes to the mobile application that made the most waves in the mobile app landscape in 2015. Below are the companies that have been selected as finalists for the Best Mobile App award this year, as well as a look at some of the previous winners. The 2015 Nominees Citymapper Citymapper is a hot startup that aims to make cities around the world easier to use. The service provides real-time travel directions using a variety of different transit modes, from public transit like subway, bus and rail, to ride-sharing services such as Uber and bike shares. Citymapper is currently available in 29 cities around the world , and is aggressively expanding into new ones with input from the community . Facebook Messenger Facebook’s Messenger service grew at an incredible rate in 2015, going from 500 million users in November 2014 to over 800 million users at the end of 2015 . Messenger added a slew of new features to the platform in 2015, including video calling, conversation customization with emoji, the ability to send and receive payments, and the M virtual assistant , which is currently being tested in the Bay Area. Periscope Twitter’s live video service Periscope launched in March as way to discover the world through someone else’s eyes. Users can watch Periscope streams from people all around the world, and even though the service has been active less than a year, users […]

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