LinkedIn Referrals & People-Matching Algorithms

LinkedIn Debuts Referrals, Relaunches Recruiter With People-Matching Algorithms

LinkedIn — the platform used by some 380 million professionals for networking, job hunting, learning things and more — today took the wraps off two new products aimed at one of LinkedIn’s biggest groups of paying users: talent recruiters. At LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in Anaheim, California, the company announced Referrals, a way for companies to automate the process of tapping into their existing employee networks to hire new people; and it also debuted a rebuilt Recruiter, which will now let HR people find job candidates based on similar people profiles, as well as with more simplified search strings based on new algorithms. Significantly, both products are focused on ways of maximising the data that exists in the LinkedIn walled garden, rather than venturing into the wider web to do this. The Recruiter platform will start to get rolled out in Q1 of next year, while Referrals is getting rolled out now. Next Generation of LinkedIn Recruiter The main idea of the new Recruiter platform — already used by some 38,000 businesses — is that it will now be focused around a much more algorithmic approach to finding new employees. As LinkedIn’s head of talent solutions Eddie Vivas describes it, the change was born out of a challenge that LinkedIn could see facing recruiters on the platform: it’s just hard to find the right person in an efficient way. There is too much time spent trying to find the right candidates for a job, with recruiters focused on accurate search strings and so on. And the knock on effect for LinkedIn is that the recruiters find using LinkedIn as a platform to find candidates is frustrating and doesn’t provide a good hit rate. “I don’t know what my search criteria is, but this rockstar on my team is exactly […]