How Consultants Interview Clients: Tips

How consultants interview clients

Interview notes This week my team interviewed more than 20 people, everyone from VPs down to the analysts and clerks. The interviews were a gold mine of insights – especially since we were still in the early days of the project and collecting data. My throat was killing me, but these interviews helped us get our bearings on the client’s business, the personalities, and the politics. Every consulting project has interviews and here are my top interviewing tips: 1. Be prepared. It’s no different than if you were going to a job interview for yourself. Do the research. Know the audience. It’s painful to watch a consultant lose credibility when he asks questions that can be answered by the FAQ page of the company’s website: What are the company’s key products, customers, competitors? What is the title, background of the interviewee? Where does the interviewee’s function sit within the larger organization? What the 3 most important events ( ERP launch, acquisition) in the last 12 months? Management consultants usually create interview guides. It helps the consultant prepare for the interview, but it also forces them to organize their thoughts. It is usually a simple list of well-organized questions. It’s good practice for analysts. 2. Build rapport quickly . This is a core skill of any management consultant. It comes easier to some than others, but the idea is simple – build a connection with the interviewee so he is comfortable opening up and speaking frankly. It is nothing new. All the things you would find in How to Win Friends and Influence People , by Dale Carnegie: Be personable and attractive (more on this later) Find a connection (look around the office) Describe the objective of interview Respect the interviewee’s time and space If this is an area you […]

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