Digital Disappointment: Eight Trends For 2016

From Digital Disappointment ToThe End Of The App Era, Here Are Eight Trends For 2016

Tom Goodwin is senior vice president of strategy and innovation at Havas Media . Eight trends for 2016: Digital disappointment The only thing that grows faster than technology are our expectations of it. The gap between what we know to be possible and what we experience is only widening. Our children are growing up in a world where all screens are interactive and every service is cloud-connected, where any song or movie ever made it at their fingertips, yet our disappointment only grows. Why is changing my flight taking 100 key presses at the airport? Why is this film not available for streaming? Why am I using a printed ticket? How can this website be down? Surely this town should have 4G by now? Privacy In The World Of Intimate Data A whole new generation of people will have grown up with cameras in their faces, images and intimate thoughts shared across the world, and comments made freely without concern about their being in public. Will this group of people have any notion of privacy as a concept? We’re continually redrawing the lines on privacy. The age of Big Data is more about more intimate data than scale, our heartbeats, locations, intentions are more interesting to everyone than millions of less personal data points. Thanks to our phones, the most personal devices ever, companies can know our bank details, locations, fingerprints, addresses, as we trade convenience and personalization to save time and think less, are we making a Faustian bargain? Is it reversible? The near term future will see complex discussions about intractable privacy issues. Early studies show complex, contradictory, and quickly evolving feelings toward exchanges between privacy and convenience that vary across generations and nations, but what’s clear is control, transparency and value exchange are key factors […]