The PATCA 2018 Consultant’s Rate Survey is now on sale

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      Carl Angotti

      The PATCA 2018 Consultant’s Rate Survey is now on sale

      If you participated in the PATCA Rate Survey in July of this year, you should have received a copy of the results for free. For those that did not participate, the results are now available for sale. Proceeds will help defray costs.

      The results shown are the critical information you need to know to price services for your consulting practice.

      The Table of Contents for the 2018 Survey is:

      I. What is PATCA 2
      II. Introduction 2
      III. Responding Consultant’s Profiles 3
      A. Average Number of Years of Experience 3
      B. Average Total Years of Consulting Experience 4
      C. Highest Educational Degree Received 5
      D. Primary Geographical Area Served 5
      E. Number of Clients 6
      F. Number of Hours 7
      G. % of Time Consultants Billed on Average vs Industry Served 8
      H. Consulting Specialties 9
      1. Types of consulting services provided 9
      2. Legal Focused Consulting 10
      I. Consulting Business Practices 11
      1. Billing Style 11
      2. Project Assessments Billing 12
      3. Charging clients for travel time 13
      4. Percentage of your hourly rate charged for travel time 14
      5. Rate variation with project duration 14
      J. Use of Consultants 15
      IV. Consulting Billing Rates 16
      K. Consulting rates per hour 16
      L. Rate per hour vs Type of Full Time Consulting 17
      M. Responses vs Geographic Area Served vs Rate per Hour 18
      N. Responses vs Education vs Rate per hour for Non-Legal Focused Consultants 19
      O. Rate per hour vs #Hours Billed per year 20
      P. Rates for Non-Legal Based Consulting vs Level of Experience 21
      Q. Rates for Legal Based Consulting vs Level of Experience 23
      V. Acknowledgments 25

      You can get your copy of both the 2018 and the 2018 Rate Survey for $35 by going to: . Just click on the “Buy Now” Button and you can purchase these surveys with any major credit card via PayPal.

      Get the latest information from the only available Rate Survey of Consultants in the SF Bay Area.

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